Saturday, August 13, 2011

Whats up broski

brosefina ballerina
brotato chip

all that good stuff provided by Haley's friend, Caitie <3
she told my i could blog so by god im gonna do it. hella dank, i aint never done
somethin like this before. 
ill just tell you about myself.

red hair
green eyes
loves to sing
likes to write songs with haley
stare off into space
troll around on deviantart
troll around funnyjunk....*u mad?*
and much much more. 
wanna know other stuff?
post a comment, tell your mom, tell your animal, tell your next door neighbor.
i dont care
just go for it. cause you are all winners and tens <3

peace elate broha <3 <3

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