Friday, August 12, 2011

that's so bro

okay, so it seems that every time i post im with libbie. haha strange since we really dont hang out that much. she sitting next to me, and i have no idea what shes eating... lol she says apple sauce but im not so sure. we ran to HEB today. not really that far haha. i dont think it was legit cardio. we"re doing a kids triathlon next weekend. i post pics :). im dragging her to kickboxing class tomorrow morning. lol she said she didnt know that. okay, back to HEB. i think you have to pass an attractive test to work there. i mean seriously?!? god, i dont want to post names in case someone besides Mason ever reads this (btw check his blog out. he fantabulous but theses bros are niiiiiice looking haha. lol i have a personal fav haha but they're all good. lol yes, you can bag my groceries! omg, im sorry ranting.... so yea, if you work at HEB you should call me. i cant wait for school to start btw. i miss conversation abouve a pre k level :P.  im stoked

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