Sunday, August 14, 2011

last night...

so if you dont know, me and libbie are running freaks. like, obsessed-with-the-way-we-look-work-out-all-the-time-eat-like-rabbits kind of people. but we are young and pretty and thats all that matters right? so this weekend all we did was run and i am retarded sore. the night before last, we ran to HEB to buy coconut juice (i swear by the stuff), then ran bake to my cousin Maile's house. the next morning we ran for an hour all around town, finally ending up at my friend Marin's place. Marin drove us to my kickboxing class that i take every saturday morning, where my instructor (who was a black belt by the time he was 13 and has trained with Chuck Norris) worked us hard for an hour. we then came home to help cook for a bbq my cousin was hosting. we swam for about 3 hours, then got out of the pool to, once again, go running. this time we ran from her house to the our schools football stadium. when we got there, Libbie ran laps on the track while i ran snakes in the bleachers. if you dont know what snakes are, its when you run up the stairs and across the the next set of stairs then run down and across over and over until you turn to jell-o. then once it got really dark and we saw lightning, we decided to head home. now, since my cousins bbq was that afternoon, and people look at me like a freak when i only eat lettuce and fruit salad, i had eaten about 10 jalepeno poppers that day. they were fantastic, but not for running.... and libbie ate half a watermelon before we left the house. needless to say, we were sick. quesy, nasty, sick. honestly, i dont know how we  ran all the way home with out stopping. jesus

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  1. I wonder if Chuck Norris is a jalapeno popper man? Or if he prefers to chomp on hot coals slathered with green chile?